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Stop Procrastinating (Today)

September 29, 2009

If you’re constantly putting off important tasks until later, you’re also putting off happiness and success. Breaking the cycle of procrastination can be difficult to do, but if you use the concepts from the law of attraction, you can break the cycle in just one day. Here are a few tips to help you stop procrastinating, and start living the life you’ve always imagined yourself living.

Before you get started each morning, you need to motivate yourself. Imagine how you will feel once you’ve accomplished the tasks for the day. Also, think about the end result of accomplishing your goals. If your goals are to lose weight, picture yourself looking and feeling good. If your goals are financial, picture yourself in a state of financial security.

Procrastination can be caused by a lack of focus and direction. Make a list of what tasks need to be completed each day. Make the list manageable. Don’t set out so many tasks that you might not finish. If your list ends up being too short, you can always add to it later, but not being able to finish your list can be demoralizing. Being demoralized by not finishing your list will keep you entrenched in the cycle of procrastination. Commit to starting and finishing each item on the list before moving to the next. Make a step-by-step plan for each task, and commit yourself to completing one step at a time. Breaking each task down into smaller chunks makes bigger tasks seem less daunting. Any task, which appears to be too big, can cause us to put if off because it appear too difficult to complete. Broken down into bite size pieces, it appears easier to finish.

Tackle the unpleasant items on your list first. One of the reasons we put off certain tasks is because we’d rather not have to do them. Each day when you write your to-do list, put the tasks your dread the most at the top of the list. Knock off the first task right away. Don’t dwell on it, just do it. Once you’ve completed the first task, they just keep getting easier. Here’s the best part; the most unpleasant tasks often turn out to be a lot easier than you think once you take action. Once the difficult tasks are out the way, you’ll feel much more motivated to complete the easier items on your list.

After you’ve cleared your list for the day, reward yourself. Your reward doesn’t need to be something big. Maybe it’s a little snack, or just some quiet time to yourself, but make sure you give yourself something for a job well done.

Once you’ve broken the cycle for just one day, each day gets easier. However, it’s important to make sure you don’t slip back into the cycle. Take each day as if you’re still trying to stop procrastinating. Before long, procrastination will be nothing more than a distant memory, and you will be achieving all of your life’s goals!

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