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The Invisible Bridge

November 11, 2009

The Invisible Bridge Between the Law of Attraction and Reality

Scientists and skeptics deny the existence of the law of attraction.

If you have done any reading on the subject then you have heard
it all before. They say that thoughts have no energy and no effect
on the “outside” world.

For the people who are in the crossroads and don’t know what
to believe then this is especially for you. There exists an invisible
bridge that will provide a path into the world of attraction.

And guess what?

This bridge has long ago been established through scientific experiments. It is an involved activity that is studied and taught by practitioners that are members of the scientific community.

Yes, the bridge is invisible but very much real.

We call it the dream world. These are not your ordinary dreams. They
are a specific type of dream known as lucid dreams.

For those that don’t know; a lucid dream is basically a dream in which
a person is aware that he is dreaming. However, it does not stop there.

Not only are you aware that you are dreaming but you can also willfully
participate in it. You can change the environment; do things that
you normally couldn’t do while awake; and essentially flout the “laws”
of nature and social norms.

Some of my really imaginative readers are probably already thinking of
some of the adventurous activities that they can indulge in. However, we shall stay focused on the “real world” uses that you may instantly apply to your everyday life.

There are other advantages besides the sensual overload you may experience from actually living your dreams.

Advantages that are directly linked to the law of attraction and your waking life might include:

Facing ANY fear in your dream that you encounter in
waking life. In your dreams the emotions and increased
heart rate are the same as being awake but the threat is
only a figment of your imagination.

Learn or practice an art, sport, vocals, math, etc.
In a lucid dream your brain is registering information
and experiencing the same phenomena just as it does in
the “real world.”

Seem amazingly confident giving a speech; asking
her out on a date; or at that job interview you have
in the morning. Why would you be nervous? You’ve
Already been there; done that. Right?

You can use this to battle insomnia. Why struggle to
sleep when an adventure, romance or drama awaits
you every night?

The only limitation to this technique is the limitation of your imagination.

So, we are now getting the picture of one sure fire way of harnessing the
law of attraction. Not only are we going to reap the rewards of our thoughts in the real world but we are now able to experience them before they even happen.

No more fear
No more doubt
No more restrictions.

Also, one last note.

Many people: scientist, mystics and psychologists included;
believe that the dream world is actually the gateway or link
between the waking world and the unconscious. By tapping into
your unconscious you are entering the domain of your deepest
yet most authentic desires. The core-self underneath it all.

By uncovering the true you and then using the law to consciously
attract what you really want
will bring great power and joy.

What a marvelous combination to experience every hour of the day.

Or night.

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